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What people say...

Everywhere Gail performs, people are compelled to tell her how much they enjoy her performance. Here is just a sample of the comments we've heard over the years.


"One of those performers who should be a household name but isn't. 

A special singer with a fan base that borders on a cult following."


 - Alan Marciocchi, Entertainer

   Magazine, Laughlin, Nevada

"One of the most mesmerizing and soulful performers who's worked in Music City."


  - Robert Oermann, Music/TV Journalist,

    Nashville, Tennessee

"Gail Chasin sings and writes the songs of a lifetime - a real Diva."


  - Jon Pepper, Blues Critic, Los Angeles,


"I will go to my grave not understanding why I'm so affected by the tones in your voice. It's a bit like going to heaven. That must be what the tones of the angels sound like. I swear, I FEEL the tones as well as hear them. Other people's voices don't do that to me. You're like the Pied Piper."


 -Lenore Reneiw, Critic


"I found Gail's approach to sound very thoughtful and a "soundly" reasoned contribution on the road to well-being. Her voice is a pleasure to listen to."


-Walter Kempler M.D.

"I sincerely hope that you enjoyed doing your soundshop and toning circle as much as we enjoyed having you." 


  -Steve Pastis Orange County MENSA

"Gail Chasin has been gifted with a wonderful healing energy through the use of her own voice and now she's taught me to do it for myself!"


 -Claire Carey 
   Actress (TV Series "Coach")

"Dear Gail, Thank you for your beautiful gifts of heart and spirit. You are an Earth Angel and I wish you all the best!

Warm wishes, Maria"



Weddings & Funerals

"Thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so special. Also, thank you for your CD. It is fabulous and we listen to it alot! You have an incredible voice! Feel free to use us as a reference anytime."


-Linda and Mills Fleming

"Thank you again for all that you've done to make our wedding possible. You are truly a blessing to this marriage!" 


  -Mrs. Angela Waltmire

"We are so honored to have had you officiate our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and so many guests commented how very unusual and special it was. Thank you for your guidances, your suggestions and your delivery. We couldn't have hoped for anything better. We would also love to stay in touch with you. Of course, we have your great CDs to remind us! Thank you for those - what a talent you are! It was so special of you to sing at the reception. Wow! You blew us all away!"


 -Melanie & Gene Peak

"In my search of "positive" harmonics, I found something that may be of interest and it is truly a Profound Vocal Tool for Self Transformation". The 1st CD I purchased was the Art of "Intuitive Toning" by Gail Chasin. This was remarkable. The CD brought me into the "Toning Therapy" with interactive involvement in the healing process!


From there it gets better and better! With this process in mind, I went on to the next CD, "Sound Healing". In this volume I could feel the sound wavelength in my body, and my head was so relaxed that it was easy for my mind to travel!! Now I am amazed! So off I go and get a third CD of Ms. Chasin's. This one is called "Listening to the Ethers".


These are Chakra based and, again, wonderful and mysterious things happen. These are blessings as I walk in the light. I have come to find out that this woman has been doing this for sometime now (about 15 years) and not many folks know about her and what she has to offer the humankind.

I encourage you for the sake of humanity, to visit her website and click on the Sound Therapy page. She has a lot to offer and brings light to many." 


-Thomas Lynch

"This is dedicated to Gail Chasin and all people around the world who genuinely want to be friends with each other. There is so much bad media in all countries that allegedly depict most people hate each other for political reasons, but because I'm American and learned through the media that people just want to hate and kill Americans began to be exposed as the lie that it is really is.


I say to you today that there are tons of people out there who are just like Americans and all I want is a normal life and to have friends and not enemies. There are people out there who hate and do acts of violence for many reasons but now we know that there are more people in every country in the world that really so want to be friends with each other.


The media is the cause of all this separation. The ruling sect is responsible for not allowing the flow of global peace. Let the U.S. along with Gail Chasin hold out FOR GLOBAL PEACE."


-Cris Blakk        (Check out the video dedication Here)

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