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Billy Burnette of Fleetwood Mac fame, Rodney Crowell and Emmy Lou Harris, Jackson Browne, Leon Russell and even Bob Dylan popped by from time to time to sit in. There was no paparazzi and no one to bother us. There was even a guy named Teddy Jack Eddie who was Willie Nelson's drummer – and turned out to be Gary Busey, the actor. Those were the days. 

But Gail, although loving and growing up with country music along with the Motown sound, was still a folky writer had some notions about hitting another music scene. After a few strange dreams and wild experiences, she took off across country to a place she'd never seen – Nashville. That was 1978.
While in Nashville, Gail met some great musicians from Jackson, Tennessee, one of them, Wes Henley, a now amazing producer, was the guitar player in Carl Perkins' band, who eventually became her roommate. Carl was very inspirational to Gail as they spent good bits of time together at the local music store.
For the next 11 years (to the day), Gail spent her time working odd jobs, singing in clubs and writing for songwriter showcases. She picked up management out of New York for a few years and went to Germany to perform with Crystal Gayle's band. Gail worked closely with a lot of great talented people there but the one who helped her the most was the 28 Grammy winner and bass player for the Motown Band, The Funk Brothers, the late Bob Babbitt who was in one of her bands, Gail and the Boyfriends for a number of years.
Gail found the business very wanting and returned to California in 1989 to start over. During a softball accident one day in Nashville, Gail's back was injured. Long story short – when she returned to L.A. from Nashville, she had spinal surgery and learned how to walk again. 
As Gail recovered a year later, Gail joined the team as manager of Fidelity Studios in Studio City, where Gail met a lot of movie and television personalities and stars. That was a healing time for her. Gail moved from the San Fernando Valley to Orange County in 1992 and been there ever since.
Gail's done so many different projects over the last number of years…a concert with Jack Tempchin (wrote Eagles hits Peaceful Easy Feeling, Smuggler's Blues, etc.) to raise money for a girl's schoolroom in Africa for her company, One Sound. Gail continues to perform locally in Orange County, Southern California.
Born September 3, 1951 in Los Angeles, California, Gail's parents took her at the age of 3 to Tucson, Arizona to live, grow up and go to school.
She graduated high school in 1969 and without so much as an hour's hesitation she was packed and driving back to L.A. where she lived with her grandmother in the Fairfax district for 2 years. 


She began performing in clubs and formed her first band, Nightengale, with Chris Sarns on bass and Steve A. They performed in the San FernandoValley and in Venice around the Marina del Rey area for years. They quickly gained popularity amongst the locals, Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys being one of them. He would come see Gail play almost every weekend until his untimely death.


Gail left the band, took a few months off in Kona, Hawaii and shifted gears. Soon after that, she moved to the Valley and started hanging out at the Sundance Saloon, a local bar in Calabasass that was actually a bar in the old west days. For an unknown place, it was filled with famous people. They would often drop by to sit in with the band and chill for the evening. 
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