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"I am a Sound Alchemist. I place myself, my work and my clients under the law of Divine Protection and Divine Spirit sends those to me that I can best serve by being who I am."

- gail chasin

A Toning Circle is a group of people who want experience Gail's guided meditations.  Leading the group into gentle vocal sound release for each chakra, you find that it is grounding, releasing, aligning and healing. 


Gail ends the Circles with her spectacular Intuitive Toning; a delicious gift for all who are there, followed by her unique intuitive toning, which holds a personal message for each individual participating.


Gail Chasin is available for your event!


Pricing may vary based on the size of the event, location, or specific performance. For more information on booking your private event, please contact Gail directly from the Contact page.


Spending an hour or more with Gail in your own home and making sure she has control of your sound factor, i.e., no phones, no loud noise or any disturbances whosoever, in order to best facilitate an excellent result of the time spent together, will sit and visit with you first, then get you physically comfortable and relaxed.  


Then, a guided meditation is done specifically for what is on your mind.  Each session is different because we are constantly changing.  The session can be very emotionally or physically moving or can be light and lifting - it depends on you.


Gail vocally Tones Intuitively with the harmonic and rythmic instruments such as the didjeridoo, djembe, percussion and many other unimagineable sounds and delights!


Booking is 3 months in advance.

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